Kerri Norris
Healthi Username: @Knorris
Member since 2020
Coach Since April 2021
A Short Summary of My Healthi Journey
I have tried out all the different plans but I always seem to go back to Keeping Keto or Carb Conscious. Above everything though is the community. There is always someone there to support you in any way.
A Fun Fact About Myself
I’m a people pleaser. I always try to make everyone happy, and though I realize not everyone can be happy it still doesn’t change the fact that I will give it my best.
Favorite Feature or Tip for Using Healthi
I love the Menu plans! It gives you so many options to try and the meals are soooo good!
Favorite Healthi Community Group
Definitely Keeping Keto, Carb conscious, and Recommitting!
What’s the One thing I’ve Learnt about Healthi?
The support is there, always! They continue to grow, but things same the same too for those that don’t like change.