Lisa Wood
Healthi Username: @fromdumpytodiva
Member since 2016
Coach Since October 2018
A Short Summary of My Healthi Journey
I am a passionate 46yo foodie on a Whole Food Wellness Adventure to lose 150lbs and heal myself from a myriad of medical mysteries. I came to the family in 2015 as a member and became part of the official team in 2018. I am basically your walking Wellness Wikipedia, but with better references.My story is complicated by a series of autoimmune disorders that greatly effect my daily life but I try to meet the challenge of each new day with a will to explore and experiment, try new foods, cooking techniques, gadgets and recipes and share those results – the good, the bad and even the spectacular fails – with you all.When I’m not playing with my food, you can generally find me in Community or Facebook helping members, answering life’s burning questions and crafting resources for this amazing app!
A Fun Fact About Myself
Until having to close my business in 2021 for medical reasons, I was an animal trainer for over 25 years. I’ve worked with everything from family pets to service dogs and even odd animal partners like fish and birds using positive reinforcement and clicker training.
Favorite Feature or Tip for Using Healthi
Hands down, my favorite feature is the ability to edit nutritional information. Healthi is the only app, to my knowledge, to allow for that so when a manufacturer changes a product or a restaurant updates an item, you don’t have to recreate a whole new listing and you can still be 100% accurate in your tracking.
Favorite Healthi Community Group
Conquer Cravings
What’s the One thing I’ve Learnt about Healthi?
Track it all… The good, the bad, the ugly… Your body tracks it whether you do or not.