Make your Company a Healthier Place
With just $2/month, you can provide weight and diet management benefits for your employees
The World Needs Help
Obesity accounts for 18% of deaths in the US (ages 40-85). This rate is increasing quickly.
Lifetime healthcare costs are $92,235 more for a person with obesity than one without.
Unscheduled absenteeism costs $3,600 per hourly employee per year, and $2,650 per salaried employee per year.
Why Healthi?
• Healthi allows companies to do their part in solving the obesity crisis in the United States
• Healthi’s effective weight and nutrition management tools reduce absenteeism for the workplace
• From the start, Healthi helps with productivity, energy, and team dynamics
• Healthi can save a company thousands a year per employee
What is Healthi
• Nutrition health app, counseling, education, and community
• Track foods with powerful text search, barcode scanning, voice
• Track weight, activity, water intake, and other health metrics
• Meal planning and recipes
• Supportive built-in communities
• Ongoing education, seminars, and group coaching
Healthi Stats
From Apple to Zucchini
1 million foods
200,000 restaurant foods
1,000 restaurants
50,000 branded foods
290,000 verified recipes
Add HealthiCare to your Corporate Package
HealthiCare is our team of Registered Dietitians, professionals focused specifically on weight loss challenges and related comorbidity.

Members schedule a by weekly meeting and have unlimited chat to make sure they are able to reach their goals.

Add it to any package for $74.99 a month per employee.
Healthi Works
• 1.7 million pounds lost with the app
• 6 weight loss plans catered uniquely to individuals
• Highest retention in the industry
• Modern Android and iOS apps
Modern, Beautiful, Accessible
• UI/UX Design crafted through years of experience and success
• Extensive user interest and involvement in early stage testing and ongoing research
• Design lead product with one of the world’s best design teams
• Accessibility for all ages and abilities are taken into account with elegant designs
Healthi can be up and running in days. No long processes, no orientations. It’s elegantly designed to be intuitive and immediate.
Day 1
Obesity accounts for 18% of deaths in the US (ages 40-85). This rate is increasing quickly.
Day 2
Receive employee account redemption instructions from Healthi.
Day 3
Participants redeem their accounts and start using Healthi.
Company Tools
• Simple employee account creation
• Built-in company community groups
• Monthly reports and simple analytics
Healthi Corporate Packages
Cost of employee per month
1 - 99
100 - 999
Contact Sales
1000 +
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