About Us
Our app is the tool, and our members are the Success Stories.
We are Healthi
We inspire, motivate, and support individuals who are on a personal journey of weight loss, self-care, and overall wellness. As our brand evolves, we want to remain focused on our members.

They’re our heart center! Let’s get Healthi!
Our Logo
The heart
It’s a no brainer to associate a heart with health around here. We believe the heart symbolizes health in a personal way, while also signifying community and inclusivity.
The Plus Sign
The plus is multifaceted – everyone associates this symbol with increasing, adding, or being “positive”. It is a huge cornerstone within our app too, serving our users in both form and function as an uplifting visual and a food tracking reminder.
The Butterfly
The idea of transformation is important to both us and our Community. Butterflies are known for their ability to undergo great change while maintaining their individuality through growth and prosperity.
The Kaleidoscope
Did you know that the formal name for a group of butterflies is a “Kaleidoscope”? Here at Healthi, we believe that though weight loss is an individual transformation, the real magic happens within a large, encouraging community.
Our Manifesto
At Healthi, we believe the health and wellness journey is an individual journey which thrives with the help of others. Hence the “i” in Healthi! We are a food and activity app, turned full lifestyle brand, aiming to support and celebrate ALL health and wellness journeys. In everything that we do we want our members to feel seen, heard, helped and championed. That’s why we aim to empower people, seeking to attain new habits and mindsets, with other like minded people. Think of us as your teammate, coach and cheerleader- all in one! We’re excited to announce that Healthi is now more than a mobile app. We’re a hands-on (real human) support network and a helpful source of content and inspiration.
Our top rated mobile app has led millions of people through weight loss success over the past few years. Through our limitless recipe + meal plan database, multiple weight loss plans, and unique food scoring system; the Healthi app is an entire weight loss program in your back pocket. The process is as simple as: pick your plan, track your food, lose your weight! Also within the Healthi app is a safe, helpful and totally uplifting sharing platform, known as the Healthi Community. This is a place where members freely interact and encourage each other in their health and wellness endeavors. Similarly to the butterflies represented in our logo, a weight loss journey must manifest on its own, but the real magic happens when we all transform together.
We approach weight loss differently. We’re well aware that there is no such thing as a “secret to losing weight”. We also know that there is no “one size fits all diet”. In the Healthi app, we’ve curated six unique weight loss plans that capitalize on some of the most common goals and hurdles that people face when trying to lose weight. This is the first way that we’ve personalized weight loss. The second way, and the real secret sauce to our success, is in our member base. Upon joining the Healthi Community, members are instantly invited to join relevant community groups, based on their interests, struggles, and goals. This experience is not only welcoming and hospitable, but it also connects members to the help and resources they need.
We believe that a tracked life is an orderly life, that leads to a healthy life, which leads to a happy life! In everything that we make, say and do; we aim to serve our members… to make their weight loss goals more achievable. As we dive into the new ventures of supportive products and relevant content, we’re keeping that same intention to our community. We’re constantly striving to bridge the gap between aspiration and reality in health and wellness. We know that with a little bit of help, the right tools, and some proper encouragement; we can all be a success story.
We are based in the great city of Austin, Texas
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