Introducing Healthi’s New Food Search, probably the easiest food search online
It may seem like a different layout only, but the new search is a completely new search engine and revised database. Check out what has changed:
We designed a larger, simpler UI to make foods, brands, bite information, and buttons easier to read and understand.
Search Engine
Healthi's new search engine provides users with fewer, more precise results for faster tracking.

This means that you might benefit from searching more specific queries. So if you are looking for avocado toasts, for example, try searching for "avocado toast" instead of "avocado" only.

The more specific you are, the better and more filtered results will be, saving you time and optimizing your experience.
Create Food or Recipe
To keep our experience consistent across the board, we are revising all our icons and saving the 'plus sign' for tracking only - food, activities and weight. That being said, you may notice that the "create food" icon is no longer a 'plus', but a 'pencil'.
We have improved and simplified our Zero BITES Foods list, a great resource to learn and easily track Zero BITE Foods.
Q: Is everything I'm used to tracking present in this new search?
A: Yes! We haven't removed any items.

Q: Why am I not finding something I used to track?
A: Maybe you should try a more specific query. For example: instead of "yogurt", try "strawberry yogurt". Be as specific as you can.

Q: What is Shaun’s (Healthi CEO) most tracked food?
A: Coffee

Q: How many foods are in the Healthi Food Database?
A: 1.2 million food
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We're committed to improving the Healthi experience.

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